This should protects immunity

The presence of propolis in our body is very important, because this substance reminds immune cells of their obligation to readily accept the causes of numerous diseases and thus effectively protect the body.

As a perfect pharmacist, the bee shows us how to use propolis: by keeping it in the house, like the one that keeps it in the basket. A lump of propolis, heavy 40 to 50 grams, should be placed in any room where the person rests and sleeps.

With its presence and eva-porative odor, propolis acts on the quality of the air in the room and in addition it disinfects the space we live in. By crushing propolis throughout the day, we perform disinfection of the hands. In smokers it acts to reduce the desire to smoke tobacco smoke.

Recommended propolis in the natural state is available from beekeepers or honey fair which comes directly to beekeepers: drops, ground or lumps. The market can often be found in bottles that read propolis drops (and in different percentages, usually 20 30 percent) but not necessarily. Propolis finds use in many ways in the event of various diseases.

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