Quince the queen of autumn fruits

The quince is a fruit that we do not accidentally call queen of autumn fruits. The dunes begin to ripen from the end of October, which means we are already getting into the season when we can taste its taste.

Otherwise it originates from Asia, and the old peoples call it a symbol of fertility, love and happiness. From a medical point of view, quince is a very powerful plant. It has a proven effect in treating cough, diarrhea and certain anemias. Her fragrances are really irresistible so they can often be found in essential oils. This is not a novelty, judging by the fact that the ancient Romans used it so that they made essential oils, while in Greece all the babies had to eat because it was thought to give fertility.

It is a very low calorie plant, has few calories and fats, and many vitamins and antioxidants. Indeed, only one eating quince is a real vitamin bomb for the body.

Vitamins contain the most vitamin C, but also vitamin A vitamins, as well as vitamins from group B and niacin. The minerals are rich in sodium, potassium, calcium, copper, magnesium and many other minerals. Because of this, the quince is really healing fruit, from root to fruit, because the fruit is medicinal, and especially the medicines are the seeds that contain special substances and tanins that help metabolism and have an antibacterial effect.

Quince seeds contain as much as 15 percent oil and a lot of amyg-dalin, or vitamin B17, which has anti keragen effect. The seeds of the quince are rich in fat, tannin, pectin, sugars, malic acid, emulsion and antidotes.

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